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Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Libraries

The mission of the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Libraries is to enhance the lives of all Berkeley County residents through the transformative power of information, imagination and connections.

Patron Code of Behavior

The Martinsburg- Berkeley County Public Libraries welcomes everyone into the library.
The following rules are established to allow every patron equal and fair use of the facility.

 1. Patrons shall obey all reasonable requests of the Library staff.

 2. Conduct considered improper in the Library and on the Library grounds includes, but is not limited to:

  • Offensive or abusive language, talking in loud tones or other disruptive behavior

  • Tobacco use and smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaping) ; smoking is prohibited on the Plaza and  within 20 feet of all doorways

  • Staring, photographing/video recording, or following staff or other patrons

  • Offensive personal hygiene

  • Panhandling or Soliciting

  • Sleeping or napping

  • Physical abuse or assault

  • Using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs

  • Abusive use of library facilities or equipment (including all outside areas)

  • Eating food in the library

  • Loitering

 3. Patrons must wear shoes and shirts.

 4. Service animals are allowed in the library. No other animals are permitted.

 5. Adult patrons may not loiter in the children’s area or the young adult in order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for children, teens, and parents.

 6. Library furnishings and materials may not be rearranged by patrons without permission of library staff.

 7. Packages, briefcases and any other container may be examined at any time.  The maximum combined size of items brought into the library may not exceed 14”x 15”x 22” per patron.

 8. Patrons may not leave bags and other personal items unattended. Unattended items are subject to confiscation.

 9. The Library is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged in or on the grounds of the Library.

 10. Aisles, entrances, or exits may not be blocked so as to impede access to public areas.

 11. Unreasonable use of the restrooms, including laundering, shaving, hair cutting or trimming, and bathing is prohibited.

 12. Patrons will conduct themselves so that they will not interfere, by their actions or speech, with the legitimate rights of other Library users.


Individuals failing to follow this policy will be asked to leave until the problem is corrected. There is also the possibility of suspension of Library privileges for failure to comply with these rules. The appropriate law enforcement agency will be called if necessary.

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